To open a business and develop it is the dream of any person with entrepreneurial talents. And before starting to develop a business plan, everyone thinks about what is profitable to produce so that there is a good profit.

According to already working manufacturers, Russia has very high taxes, corruption and bureaucracy. All this interferes with the development of production. Everyone finds how to fight or “put up” with these factors. This is a topic for another discussion. The main thing is to initially understand what is profitable to produce in Russia, and even taking into account these costs, it’s good to live and work profitably.

Small production

It’s profitable to sell what people will always buy, no matter how much it costs. The first is food. They have always been and will be needed by customers. Therefore, you can consider as your future production: a bakery, a confectionery, a meat shop for the production of sausages and meat semi-finished products. By the way, in our “age of acceleration,” when a woman …

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