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As an ordinary hobby, the owner of Russneft has turned into a new era of Russian show business.

The name of Mikhail Gutseriev in the backstage of Russian show business has recently been pronounced reverently in a whisper. For several years, the owner of the BIN group of companies with a fortune of six billion dollars has turned into a “deity”, to which bow is old and young: from the beginning stars of television shows to venerable pop monsters. The desire to replenish the repertoire with the song of Mikhail Gutseriev suddenly became not just fashionable, but vital for any self-respecting artist. For the right to perform couplets of the oligarch’s compositions, for which writing songs in a simple variety manner is just a hobby, not only singer Valeria, Nikolai Rastorguev and other mainstream of different levels of freshness are fighting. The presence in the creative baggage of creations from Gutseriev can – suddenly – even the underground leader “Keeping the Foot” boast Maxim Pokrovsky.

Another vivid sign of the times is interesting: like mushrooms after rain after collaborating with a talented “oil king” in the creative biographies of pop stars, magnificent video clips for his songs suddenly appear, comparable to the state budget of the average African country. All these fantastic shows are crowned by expensive directors: with flying decorations and screens the size of the Kremlin towers. Where and with whose money all this is taken is not said out loud – this is evidenced only by the significant opinions that colleagues share on the sidelines of the variety art. +

“The era of Mikhail Gutseriev” – so, without exaggeration, they call a new period in the history of the domestic music business. The era of returning to pop traditions, striking with the luxury of decorations and grandiose financial infusions, thanks to which they forgot about the crisis for the indefinite time, the strictest savings and the implacable dumping of fees in the context of a fierce struggle for a few corporate parties. It was under Gutseriev that the “weddings of the year” and the “anniversaries of the century” of the powers that be with the divisions of invited stars, including world ones, walked with renewed vigor.

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