business idea from scratch

On January 12, a free workshop of Business Youth will take place “Business ideas from scratch: how to start a business in the new year. Real practice of the Business Youth community.”

The program of the master class: – 7 main criteria for choosing a niche. – How to translate ideas into business. – How to choose a business model. – From point A to point B or the result on your fingers. – Model of inevitable sales. – How to open a second wind in business.

The master class is useful for those who start and those who already have a business. Beginners: – how to choose a niche– where to start– how to start without start-up capital.

By acting: – how to find a second wind in business – they will tell you what to do so that there is a steady increase in profit

Youth Youth is: – The largest community of entrepreneurs in Russia. – The only company that measures the results of participants. – Platform for distance learning. – More than 300 events every month around the world. – The largest business channel on the Russian-speaking Youtube.

Business Youth in numbers: 1, 7 million community members, 110 thousand graduates of programs, 200 cities around the world, 6 years of successful experience, more than 12 thousand graduates every month, 2.6 million visitors per month, tested for 98 237 participants Youth Business, operates 100% subject to the “Do as they say!” Technique.

What are the results of the Business Youth program? 75% or more of the participants earn more on their work than they paid for the program during the program. Of these: 10% of the participants earn 67 times more 31% of the participants earn 4-7 times more than they paid for 2 months59% pay off or increase 3 times during the program

For whom do they give free workshops in the regions?

For those who: – have been wanting to do their job for a long time, – are stuck at the same level and cannot “break through the ceiling”, – follow the main trends in the market, – dream of finding like-minded people, – understands that training is the best way of development.

Take your step into the world of Business Youth and understand why this phenomenon has covered most of the small and significant part of medium-sized enterprises.

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