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Experts at VNC Brokers’ analytical department include oil and gas, heavy machinery and steel industries as promising export-oriented areas, and pharmaceuticals and agriculture, especially cereals, are those that can work with Russian raw materials and equipment. “Agriculture has been pumped up for a long time,” says Ilya Emelyanov. – The effect can be estimated in seven years. It’s hard to say now, but I suppose that high financial leverage will remain in the industry. ”

In Russia, the government decides which industries need subsidies, and can partially compensate for hard-to-reach capital, said Ivan Antropov, deputy director of the Institute of Actual Economics. “Previously, emphasis was placed on agriculture, and next year, judging by the structure of federal budget expenditures, it will be made on it. A project to produce high-quality food products, especially dairy products, can be successful. Now the store shelves are littered with low-quality milk, cheeses, sour cream, made using cheap palm oil, but high-quality cheeses are in great shortage. ”

Such projects are now actively developing: in many villages, local cheese dairies are opened, where farmers make cheeses using European technology. For example, the Derevnya cheese dairy farm near St. Petersburg produces dairy products and organizes tastings and excursions for tourists.

According to Pavel Dashevsky, the head of the service, import substitution programs can affect the growth of the agro-industrial complex. “Those areas of the economy that really benefit from sanctions, such as agricultural enterprises, can be subsidized directly from state funds,” says Peter Pushkarev, an analyst with Tele Trade. “In addition, I assess the lifting of US sanctions as a very high probability, which will allow Russian banks to gain access to long-term financing again, which means banks will have additional opportunities for broader lending to business projects.”

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