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On July 1, 1908, Estee Lauder was born – a woman who from scratch built a cosmetic empire and became one of the most influential business persons of the 20th century. Do you still think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen? Then the Weekend project comes to you – with a list of business women who, with their own example, prove the opposite.

1. Este Lauder: magic recipes and the boss behind the counter

Estee Lauder, the daughter of Jewish immigrants born in the slums of New York, has gone from a seller of natural homemade face creams to the owner of a cosmetic empire. In 2003, Estee Lauder, founded by it, took 249th place in the list of 500 largest US corporations with annual revenues of $ 4, 74 billion.

The secret to success: Uncle John’s anti-aging cosmetics plus a successful advertising strategy.

Business principles: “As soon as you turned your back on the buyer, you lost him.”

Estee Lauder was the first to offer her customers free samplers and gifts for the purchase and loved to advise clients herself.

“Time is not on your side, but I am yes!” – Only one of her famous advertising slogans.

Evil tongues argued that such a naive “female” approach would not do well, but the system launched by Lauder very soon bore fruit.


Este Lauder, 1992, France

“Do not write angry letters”

Lauder preferred to work personally not only with customers, but also with staff: she spent a lot of time behind the counter, inspiring sellers with her own example. “My current situation is not the result of dreams or hopes, but hard work,” she reminded her staff.

“If a woman who does business thinks about the success of her marriage, she should give her husband an extremely subtle opportunity to feel strong and significant – and then he will actually be strong and significant.”

Husband Joseph supported Este in all endeavors, being responsible for the financial issues of the company, sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren continued their work when she retired at the age of 87. Now Estee Lauder is headed by the eldest of the two sons of Este and Joseph – Leonard Lauder. He began working in the company as a delivery man at the age of 10, and now he occupies 131st place in the list of billionaires in the world.

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