How and where to start your

Seminar “BUSINESS STARTUP” Step-by-step recommendations for creating your own business (including business from scratch), running and automating a business. • How and where to start your business? • How to choose a niche? • How and where? Are they becoming competitive in the labor market? • Algorithms for starting a business without investments- • Where to look for customers? • Techniques for creating advertising texts- • Extensive marketing for businesses and their types- • Technologies for working with suppliers- • Registration of business (IP, LLC, ZAO, SPD etc.) – • The correct preparation and conclusion of contracts (types of contracts) – • Creation of a business plan- • Registration of individuals and legal entities- • Rules for working with accounting documents- • Sales scripts-

And you find out a lot of other useful and necessary information in the seminar “Business Startup”. You think others already do it. Address.ul.Sovetskaya / Frunze. Library named after A. Osmonov. February 11, 17:00

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