Often, the desire of active youth representatives to have their own profitable business with minimal costs causes an ambiguous reaction among ordinary people: someone calls them daredevils, and someone smirks: “Well, well, try it, it won’t work out for you anyway!” If you understand that it will not be easy, but still strive for the goal – the article will help you decide on the right activity!

What you need to know to open a business at the lowest cost

To begin with, let’s find out what amount we are talking about, because the concept of “minimum costs” everyone compares with their own income! It is possible to make a start in determining the minimum costs both from our own funds and from possible state aid. So, in the state support program for start-up entrepreneurs, a payment for business development in the amount of 50,000 rubles is provided.

In fact, newcomers who are faced with the realities of trade and market relations understand that this amount is barely enough to cover half of the costs – and even if you have not encroached on a big business, which is not a question. Of course, it is ideal if your material costs are close to zero, because there are areas of activity that do not require start-up capital, for example, if you are engaged in intellectual work.

With the lower limit, it’s clear where it’s much harder to put a maximum limit. Try to choose a business project that can be implemented by investing up to 100,000 rubles. Real examples of fast business with minimal cost more …

What own business with minimal investments do Russian entrepreneurs choose?

How many people tried to start their own business with minimal investment and were defeated not at all because they lacked the funds. It was just that they initially chose a losing business niche in which either the competition was too high or the consumer’s interest in the offered product was scanty.

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