How to open a business without

What kind of business can you start if you don’t have a lot of start-up capital, as well as special skills like the ability to shoot and edit videos, write program codes for mobile applications and make website designs? This issue is being discussed by users of the Quora discussion service, popular in Silicon Valley. HF translated the most interesting answers.

Find customers first

Andrew Burnett-Thomson, IT Consultant (UK)

I was in a similar situation, however, it was a little easier for me – I was able to write program code. In my free time (before work and after) I wrote those programs that I now sell online. Instead of tackling the “amazing thing that no one has ever done,” I decided to improve an existing product. I can say that at the start, 90% of success must be provided with your own sweat, and 10% with skills.

SnapInspect founder Sam Owens talked about how to find an idea and sell it before the software product was created. This is awesome – be sure to look. In search of an idea, he, in particular, looked at job sites to see which companies hire people during the recession. He asked local businessmen what they hate the most in their work to solve their problem. So, he found out that real estate agents do not like to make announcements (you need to go to the object, take a picture, return to the office, process the photo, write a description, etc.). He asked them if they would like to use a mobile application that would help them edit photos on the spot. They said yes. And even agreed to pay for it. Then he began to ask how they would like to see this application, to clarify the details. And in the end, he released a popular product. If you do what people need, sales will come. But often you don’t know what they really want, so first you need to find consumers of the product, and then take up its development.

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