Where to get start-up capital
Lavash production business

You have long wanted to open your business from scratch, but have no idea where to start and what to do? A truly profitable business, which is not afraid of any crisis, can be organized only by producing products that are always needed by everyone. What is this about? Of course, about bread, namely about Armenian pita bread or bread roll.

Pita bread is a popular product that is bought every day by millions of teachers, doctors, janitors, workers and professors, as well as hundreds of thousands of snack bars and fast food restaurants. Without thin pita bread it is impossible to cook shawarma and burritos, homemade rolls and quick casseroles. Roll is an indispensable companion of barbecue, and in every cafe you can find snacks based on thin bread. This means that having bought an automatic line for the production of pita bread and rolls of the ALLR 2800D brand from Roll-line, you will get a business that guarantees a stable income.

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