Business ideas in construction: new ideas of small business in the field of construction and repair

Before starting any type of business, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the chosen niche and how the crisis affected the supply and demand in it.

Business in the field of construction and repair suffered during the crisis no less than other areas of private enterprise. Statistics show that more than 70 percent of Russian residents are confident that the crisis is still holding its position in the country.

Experts note that the demand for some goods and services has declined significantly due to the instability of the exchange rate and a decrease in the solvency of citizens.

The service sector in the repair and construction segment is thus cleared of non-competitive players and becomes more profitable for a client who is focused on a transparent and affordable choice.

The repair market has undergone some changes: the cost of building materials has increased, the number of participants in repair and construction teams has decreased. However, despite this, the demand for cosmetic and long-term work does not decline.

The repair business is directly dependent on the construction industry – a new home requires the intervention of designers and repair crews. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, last year 18, 2% more living space was commissioned than the year before last.

Survey data indicate that only 10 percent of respondents entrusted capital repairs to private owners, the rest were limited to simple cosmetic. Most often, the choice in favor of professionals is made by residents of large cities and those who have higher education. Clients enjoy the process of creating an interior, they think through the design taking into account their own individual needs, and professionals bring their dreams to life. Few citizens decide to install plumbing and systems on their own.

Only 7 percent of Russians postpone repair work “until better times”, many citizens are ready for changes now, though adjusted for any opportunity to make repairs cheaper, but with the help of professionals.

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