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The construction business is characterized not only by serious profit margins, but also by high profitability. At the initial stage, as in any other business, beginners have a lot of questions. What you need to know in order to avoid common problems and not to make common mistakes when starting a construction business from scratch? Read about it in this material.

The current economic situation has not spared the construction business and repair services. According to surveys, 30% of the country’s population do not expect the crisis to end soon. Business trends in the construction market are such that in the struggle for the buyer, construction companies are lowering prices, becoming more customer-oriented.

Repair services are also undergoing some changes: prices for building materials are rising, the number of workers in construction crews, on the contrary, is being cut. Nevertheless, the need for these services among the population and organizations did not become lower. The more new spaces are rented out, the more work appears for interior designers and repairmen. Housing construction volumes have grown by more than 18% over the past two years. Only a tenth of consumers hired crews to carry out major repairs; the rest preferred cosmetic repairs. The services of professional construction companies were mainly used by residents of large cities and people with higher education.

How to start a construction business

There are two ways.

The first is to acquire an existing construction organization with an established workflow, an established team, technical equipment and a client base.

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