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Recently, the famous singer of capitalism and the fierce patriot of the Putin regime – Fritzmorgen – once again opposed those who do not believe in the bright face of a modern businessman. He devoted this post to “10 Questions about Businessmen and Parasites,” where he tried to show how wrong the idea of ​​capitalists is, as about doing nothing subjects. Here it should be noted right away that the very presence of this post indicates that not everything is so simple with this topic. Since for almost a quarter of a century from all the media, a continuous stream of praises has been pouring onto the population in favor of “business people”, who have to convince everyone that the latter are the Atlanteans on which our Earth rests. But, despite this, the apologists of capitalism have to come into confrontation with this thought over and over again – with this, these “Atlanteans” are in fact ordinary parasites.

However, in addition to the fact that society does not accept business representatives, it is no less interesting in this case how they try to fight this situation. And, in particular, as the aforementioned Fritzmorgen does. Since it is through this that you can see the peculiarity of thinking in the “Atlanto-oriented” part of the population. Such a conclusion may seem strange: after all, as has already been said, we are dealing with propaganda, that is, with a deliberately constructed text, aimed at changing the public opinion in the direction needed by the propagandists. In other words, with manipulation. However, not all so simple. Yes, there is manipulation in the specified text. And moreover, it is she who is the goal of its creation. But you can also indicate that under this manipulation layer (or rather, layers), there are layers more fundamental, which is no longer related to the artificially constructed model used for propaganda. But to the “real” display of the world in the minds of propagandists.

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But to get to it, we will start from the very top layer. We will touch on it very briefly – the fact is that the technique applied by Fritzmorgen is extremely popular and has long been analyzed in a variety of sources. This is a banal substitution of concepts: the author cites representatives of small and medium-sized businesses supposedly familiar to him as examples of “good businessmen”. Yes, and “having achieved everything with their labor.” However, it is this category in the modern public consciousness that is the most “hassle-free”: a person who built his business through years of work is generally respected. Even if he is really engaged in the exploitation of workers. (How else can a capitalist exist?) Such an attitude to these small businessmen, by the way, is a definite problem for the Communists – since they constantly give examples of such “good capitalists” as proof that in reality the “bourgeoisie” are not so bad. Say, they themselves are working, and others are given to work.

And, in any case, when speaking of “parasites,” these subjects are hardly meant. Usually a similar statement is made to a completely different “type”. Namely, to the subject who obtained his property through some kind of fraud. And even in general, a direct crime. It is precisely these “types” that cause maximum irritation, and not at all the owners of the shops, car repair shops, and canneries that Fritzmorgen points to. Especially if in the process of illegal acquisition of property tangible damage was caused to others – for example, the destruction of jobs. In this case, the argument that a businessman works hard from dawn to dawn, and in addition to everything, risks his condition every day, is hardly an excuse. Even if it is true. In the end, the maniac killer, in fact, is very much at risk – and he spends a lot of energy on his “business”. But this is no reason to show him respect.

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