Which business is the most profitable
The most profitable business to date in Russia. This information is very ambiguous and not always transparent to the public. Of course, in the system of the most influential and profitable types of activity, it is safe to put in the first place the large oil and gas industry, then banks, the all-Russian transport company, metallurgy, etc. Rather, you can simply take note and go down from heaven to earth.

For people studying such articles on the Internet, the business of medium and small level is rather important and interesting. So what is the most profitable business today in Russia? In order to understand, we note some aspects that generally affect profit:

• The volume of demand for goods or services • The level of investment • Cost of raw materials and others.

From this we can conclude that in the field of medium and small business leaders in profit are those activities that are aimed at meeting the primary needs of a wide range of people. Namely:

• Public catering (restaurateurs, canteens, fast-food outlets) • Agriculture (agro-ecotourism, food production, rural trade, etc.) • Construction (repair services, maintenance of household systems) • Services (consulting, computer maintenance technology, entertainment and beauty industry, pawnshops, etc.) • Information sphere (scientific development, finance, training, marketing) • Trade (essentials: clothing, shoes, household goods, hygiene)

These are those large and popular areas of activity that allow you to extract a stable income and produce a lasting positive effect.

The most profitable business to date in America, the United States can be safely attributed to countries that affect the global economic system. Here, any actual activity, but also the highest possible level of competition, develops with lightning speed.

Due to the high level of development of the United States, from the point of view of the economy, we can say that there is great potential for business development. It remains only to figure out how the easiest way for Americans to drag a “piece of money into their pocket” today.

• Social services (development centers for children, boarding houses for the elderly, sanitary-epidemiological service). Americans have a high level of income, which allows them to spend money on such services.

• The field of IT technology (programming, web design, advertising, consulting). These include the sale of the latest computer and digital technology, as well as software.

• Organization of production and sale of environmentally friendly food products (opening a “green store”, growing vegetables, herbs, cattle breeding).

Also in the West, the sale of clothing over the Internet has long been popular. Read about this in our detailed article. Expanding the topic of business profitability in Russia and other countries of the world, you can smoothly switch to the subsection “agro-industrial complex”, and more precisely, to “agriculture.” The most profitable business today in agriculture. As they say, “love comes and leaves, but you always want to eat ”… It is agriculture that produces and markets the whole assortment of essential products and raw materials. Hence the constant demand and stable benefits from various activities in this area.

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