How to open a small business

Pharmacy business attracts the attention of many entrepreneurs. Its undoubted advantages include a good profitability (although it is not as great as it seems to many), a constant demand for medicines, relatively small costs for opening the simplest form of a pharmacy business. However, there were some minuses as well. The greatest difficulties are associated with the execution of various permits and the passage for this of various authorities and inspections. To start a pharmacy business from scratch, you will need a lot of money, but, as the experience of other entrepreneurs shows, with a competent approach, you will quickly pay back your investments and will receive a stable and high profit.

First of all, you need to decide on the legal form that you choose for the pharmacy business. In order to open a pharmacy, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. However, in this case, according to Art. 52 of the Federal Law No. 61 “On the Circulation of Medicines” dated April 12, 2010, your pharmacist with three years of experience must be in your state. His qualifications are confirmed by a diploma of higher education. If you plan to draw up documents (license) for yourself, then, therefore, you should have such an education. Otherwise, you will have to hire a manager with a diploma of a pharmacist.

You can also register a company as LLC, OJSC or ZAO and search for a pharmacist-pharmacist with the appropriate education and experience. The best option is when the pharmacist himself prepares the IP and the license in his name. This will help you avoid further problems if your partner, for example, decides to leave the business (and the license issued in his name will also disappear) or turn out to be an unscrupulous person.

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