Crazy small ideas

Be a visionary who poses competitive challenges, shares his success, creates work for others, fuels vibrant human hope with investment. All this is American creative freedom, competition. It includes the tools of business freedom and allows you to be a creator, inventor, and it is possible to awaken a sleeping giant in yourself and in others. However, there may be extreme heights and amazing falls.

Having been fired from Apple in 1985, when the company was worth several million dollars, he returned 10 years later as a billionaire. Incredibly, this can be repeated using his tried and tested methods of freedom of capital, but the subtleties of creative inspiration (the breath of life according to Jobs), igniting a spark of roaring potential, are only yours.

Here are methods based on many of the freedom tools used to make amazing progress by Stephen Paul “Steve” Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) – an American “inventor”, “relentless competitor”, capitalist, entrepreneur, “a little mysterious” ( now understood). He was co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc., Computer and Pixar Animation Studios.

Steps Be a person of ideas: first, think and write down your “crazy” (new) ideas. Get a vision of your market. Change things with personal energy and passion as sources of innovation to develop and see how your ideas become “flesh.” Take advantage of new parts, ideas: Do it well. You cannot force people to agree with you, but if you have a good idea that you really like, then others will like it too. Then learn how to do it. Look for the best idea: not an obvious, not just a good idea. Start, for example, in the garage of your parents with little money. That’s exactly what Steve did. You can start at your grandparents’ home. If you can accompany this effort by twisting together old ideas (+?) With your own idea, get a new product. Renewal is the basis of Steve Jobs’ methods. Reuse the available tools of the capitalism system whenever possible (whipping, we can turn the cream into butter). Find partners: we need those who will help you start a small business, work hard and bring the necessary information, knowledge, technical capabilities to business. Perhaps it is worth starting not with new, but with recycled equipment. In 1976, Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple in Steve’s parents ’garage. Get your“ balance ”in partners (just like using your“ recipe ”, get a cook / manager / fan). You will find the technical support you need, join the perspective, information, knowledge of this person. Your technology / method people can work on the project and the mechanics of the product, i.e. over electronics and programming, if applicable, while you provide them with a place, name, market ideas and passion. After all, someone should be the person (s) of details for your ideas in order to guarantee simplicity, performance, quality with tolerances, in order to support (test, recheck). Compete strongly / stronger: insist, but admit mistakes (really taking place): exit out of mistakes quickly, but maintain your competitiveness, courage of persuasion, as they say, “push forward!” Promote your ideas with cunning and “personal magnetism” to attract new ideas, remember that opposites attract. But power is invisible: Jobs in 1985 already had “crazy” ideas to make high technology a “consumer-driven market,” as a result of which he was removed from Apple control, but he returned several years later with billions to do this, and did: iMac, i-this, i-this is the demand formed by the consumer …

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