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Good day, dear readers of one of the best blogs about business. In the course of my business experiments, I very often came across an interesting and exciting question that plagued any aspiring entrepreneur. Is it possible to open a business without investments or, as they say, from scratch? There are many fantasies on this subject, there are even real examples, but a definite answer still does not exist. Today I will give a detailed answer, I will try to dispel all doubts and express my own point of view, supported by facts, arguments, already existing schemes from some “business teachers” and real life.

So, to begin with, we are now living in an era of global appeal to do business, no matter what. If you are not involved in business, then, according to the criteria of this trend, you belong to a cohort of losers working for salaries, mediocrity who do not take responsibility, etc. Of course, this is not worth taking seriously, because such provocative slogans are nothing more than part of a PR company that aims to attract new people, or rather their money. Also, another attractive slogan of entities earning a trend is that each person can easily open their own business without investment, having received high incomes from nothing.

Yes, it sounds smooth, I didn’t invest anything, I started a business, and then you also get profit (in fact, out of nothing, because there were no initial costs). If this were true, then probably every second resident of our country would be a businessman (can you imagine how the country’s GDP would double or triple). Moreover, enterprising “business teachers” even have a set of such schemes for creating their own business that look very convincing, clear and understandable.

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