Production with minimal

A good way to start working for yourself is to open a mini-production. In order to do this at the lowest cost, you can start a profitable production at home, at your summer cottage, in a garage, etc. with the prospect of expanding your business. So what can be produced?

Profitable production – building materials

Cinder blocks. This option is good for those who live in the private sector. After all, the entire tool can be stored in the yard or garage. What do you need? Concrete mixer, vibrating machine, construction car and shovel. The cost of equipment will be about 55-100 thousand rubles, depending on the quality of the tools. A day, producing several hundred units of products, you can earn $ 100-200.

Styrofoam. The size of the necessary premises is about 150 square meters, the purchase of the necessary equipment will cost 1.5 million rubles. As for revenue, we can count on an annual profit of about 500-600 thousand rubles.

Profitable production – laying hens

Very cost-effective and profitable production. For large-scale production of at least seven thousand chickens a year, investments of 400-500 thousand rubles are needed, and the business itself will pay off in 8-12 months. The highest costs are for the acquisition of cells and an incubator. For very small production for several dozen hens, about ten thousand rubles will be needed.

Profitable production – casts and sculptures

Very popular now are casts of children’s hands and feet, compositions of the hands of lovers, small sculptures, gifts. Their manufacture can take from half an hour to several days, depending on complexity, and the net profit of one unit of goods starts from 500 rubles. If you use forms for the most popular sculptures, then the profitability of the business increases several times.

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