Subsidy for opening a small

Small is designed to help people who need detailed and structured information on creating and running their own business in Russia. In addition, the site provides useful materials that will be useful to individuals when contacting various government agencies.

At the moment, the site structure consists of the following main sections:

Knowledge base

Step by step describes all the main stages of entrepreneurial activity of an individual entrepreneur and LLC These include: opening (registering) a business; paying taxes and payments to the budget (taxation systems, insurance contributions); submitting reports to tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds (tax returns, cash discipline); personnel registration; receiving cash and non-cash funds (cash apparatus, BSO) – closing and liquidation of a business, as well as much more.

All information in this section, as far as possible, is updated, supplemented and added.

Online services

Contains unparalleled, completely free, fully automated and convenient online services. The main goal of these programs is to save time and energy (and, possibly, money) from individual entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) and organizations (LLCs) in setting up a business, calculating taxes and payments, and reporting.

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