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The authority of the prime minister and president is more than enough to eliminate misunderstanding with the head of the National Bank on the issue of Ukrlandfarming, – deputy head of the BPP faction

Petro Poroshenko understands the importance of real sector enterprises for the country’s economy, Goncharenko is sure

The country’s leadership, together with the head of the NBU, will come to a compromise decision on the restructuring of the debt of the largest Ukrainian agricultural holding Ukrlandfarming. Confidence in a constructive solution to the conflict between the NBU and the agricultural producer was expressed today by the deputy head of the BPP faction Alexey Goncharenko. The politician noted that he had asked the head of government to intervene in the conflict between the NBU and Ukrlandfarming and positively appreciated the promise of Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman to stand up for the leader of the national agricultural sector.

“In his comment, the prime minister says that he knows the president’s position. And I understand that he discussed this issue with the president. Of course, the authority of the head of government and the head of state is more than enough to exclude misunderstanding with the head of the National Bank. Therefore I took Groysman’s words very positively. It’s not just about Ukrlandfarming. In general, the message is that you need to support the real sector. And this is very true, because every enterprise that deals with real production, especially a large enterprise (and this is a very large enterprise), it should receive support. Today there are not many such enterprises. And this is a matter of the country’s survival for them to work, “said Alexey Goncharenko.

In his opinion, Petro Poroshenko also understands the importance of enterprises in the real sector for the country’s economy. “In his public speeches, the president always supported the real sector, and he himself created a big real business from scratch,” the deputy head of the BPP faction emphasized.

The parliamentarian specified that many colleagues in the faction share this position. “In general, our faction consists of people who support the real sector,” said Alexey Goncharenko.

As reported, on Thursday, January 26, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman promised to provide maximum support to the largest national producers, in particular Ukrlandfarming agricultural holding, in the fight against the National Bank. “Tens of thousands of people work there, get paid, produce a national product. Our task is to develop and help. Therefore, of course, I have been and remain in the position of supporting business, real production and the national economy,” the prime minister said.

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