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In the article we have collected for you the most profitable business ideas for beginners, both with investments and without them. These are the most relevant and profitable types of business that will bring you a steady income.

Selling items on Avito

The ability to properly submit your product to Avito will allow you to make good money. You can start by selling your own unnecessary things. You can buy goods from those who want to sell them faster and cheaper, and then resell more expensive. An interesting option is to sell other people’s goods and services for a percentage. To do this, you almost do not need investments, and earnings with active work start at 300-400 dollars a month.

Advertising agency

For a small agency you will have enough office in 10 square meters. m, minimal equipment and 2-3 people. It is profitable to open such a business in a big city. Then there will be a great demand for the development of printing materials, and for the creative industry, such as creating logos, corporate identity, slogans. You have to invest from $ 1,000, but the monthly income will be at least $ 700.

In this area, income is getting bigger every month. In the future, you can count on a net profit of 2-3 thousand dollars.

Holiday Agency

This is a very interesting business, and moreover, with minimal investment. A small office, a computer and advertising are the main expenses for its organization. Then your main task will be the selection of performers for customers and the development of holiday programs. And almost all earnings are “clean” money. For a small agency you will need investments in the region of $ 1,000, and the profit will be from $ 1,500 per month.

Cargo transportation

An excellent enterprise that is very easy to scale, gradually increasing its fleet. Two cars with drivers and one dispatcher – everything you need to start. With an initial investment of about 15 thousand dollars, net profit will reach 1000-2000 dollars a month.

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