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Steve Jobs began his multi-million dollar business, which brought him worldwide fame, in the garage. It was there that he first began assembling personal computers under the Apple brand. Now the income of this company is at least six hundred billion dollars and continues to grow. And what else can be produced in a garage and what kind of income can such entrepreneurial activity bring? What business to open in the garage so that it brings a steady income and does not require too much starting investment?

Framing Workshop

In order to start making baguettes in your garage, you need to equip the room under the workshop and properly prepare it for use. A small baguette factory will bring good profit with a well-developed business plan. Experienced businessmen who have succeeded in this field are advised first of all to do the insulation of the garage, and then acquire the so-called guillotine for the manufacture and cutting of finished baguette – the cheapest option – a desktop installation, and a machine for fastening parts to each other. The garage business is beneficial in that no one needs to pay the rent to the startup. If your starting capital is very small, you can think about creating a business in your own garage, if it is idle without work.

Installation of anti-theft alarms

Igor Malyugin, an expert in the field of startups, is sure that such an enterprise is very profitable and unique in its kind. Installing a car alarm in your own garage is an idea of ​​a profitable business that does not require too much investment. Of course, in order to install anti-theft devices on cars, a certain qualification is required, but this can be learned easily thanks to the many special video courses on the Internet, various master classes or internships at companies that specialize in providing such services.

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Home Mini Forge

One Russian pensioner, having gone on a well-deserved rest, but who did not want to sit back, opened a private mini-forge in his own garage. I bought a blacksmith forge, a cutting circle and a welding machine. Now, a hobby and a beloved business has turned into a very profitable business: a startup is forging furniture, gates, gratings, fences. Starting a business cost him about 50,000 rubles, and revenue is about 30,000.

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