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If you want to help people by providing them services, then you have the widest field of activity! Here we need professionals who are able to do what other people are not able to do, and hardworking, not afraid of hard, but very necessary work for people — just kind and caring people who are ready to help others.

Hairdressing, manicurist, pedicurist, cosmetologist, makeup artist services. Walking group for children. Home kindergarten. Supervision of children whose parents left for a visit to the theater or on weekends. Selection, purchase and delivery of gifts to the elderly, sick in hospitals, children – on New Year’s and birthday. It can be designed and organized as a small presentation. A telephone contact is a service. Call the elderly every day to support them, to inform about their health. For this kind of service you will be paid by children or relatives of elderly people. Organization of a company for caring for children, the elderly, people with disabilities, in which several people can be employed. Rehabilitation groups for children with developmental disabilities. Medical services. Dental services. Consultations at home. Measuring blood pressure, injections and injections at home. Massage. Pharmaceutical services. Sale of medicines and hygiene products. Delivery of medicines. Beauty salon. Help people who want to lose weight. Musical design of weddings, presentations, holidays. Video filming, photo services, video rental. Computer services – programming, reprinting, typing, design, replication. Binding. Courier services. Window and window washing. Companion, home help. Nanny. Family dinners. Dispatcher on the phone. Setting up musical instruments. one-to-one Re-typing texts using a computer. You can do this work yourself or create a car bureau from homeworkers who have typewriters and provide them with orders. Car service: gas station, car wash- repair of cars (trucks), pre-sale preparation- car alarm (installation and maintenance) – trade in auto parts- car camping- car wash, parking lot cleaning. Photo. You can specialize in making children’s portraits at home, in photographing pets. Making photos in wall or table frames. Portraits “antique”. You can start a collection of old or antique-styled clothes and make individual and family portraits in the “retro” style. Auditing services for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises and cooperatives. Repair of jewelry, updating, remodeling and cleaning of women’s jewelry. Exchange of children’s things. Many children grow up before they manage to demolish a thing. For a small fee, exchange things for a larger size. Nowadays, a fantastic price increase, this service will help many families. Help at home, help during weddings and other celebrations. Delivery and sale of newspapers. Bureau for cleaning apartments, washing windows and ceilings and the like. Seasonal work – preparing cottages. You can earn by selling detergents. Cleaning parking lots. You can negotiate with the owners of cars in the parking lot about cleaning the territory, clearing snow, washing cars and the like. Services of baths, showers, saunas, dry cleaning, laundry.

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