Nowadays, felting made of wool has become very popular and has a more modern significance than a couple of decades ago. If earlier only felt boots were made from felt, today felting (from felt felt) is used to create toys, souvenirs, jewelry, bags and much more. We propose to consider felting – as a small home-based business and an idea that can be pursued both in parallel with the main income and use it as the main source of income.

What is felting?

Felting is based on the principle of tangling and cohesion of wool.

In this regard, it is advisable to use only natural wool, the villi of which have a scaly surface.

There are two types of felting: dry and wet.

Dry is carried out with the help of needles that condense the wool and fix it. The essence of wet is the use of soap and water. To do this, the wool is impregnated with this solution, then it rubs with your hands and new fibers are gradually added. As a result, the fibers are also intertwined and a felt is obtained.

Expendable materials

For both dry and wet felting, merino wool is used.

Coarse sheep wool is also sometimes used.

As the basis for felting with further application of wool of various colors, a sleeper is used. This is combed sheep wool, in which there are no remaining hairs. As a substrate for making rugs and stuffing toys, it is better to use small hair from sheep’s wool, called tow. Combed, bleached and elongated sheep wool – bleached – is used as a background for home dyeing. For felting toys without base wool, a camel is used – combed camel hair.

In addition to wool, you will need the following materials: synthetic winterizer, cotton wool, sliver, other types of wool. For decoration: organza, silk, fiber, decorative threads. For dry felting in the manufacture of toys you will need noses and eyes. You can buy them in specialized stores for needlework.

Learning to felting

Felting is a fairly simple technique. You can master it yourself using master classes on the Internet or books. If self-study is not for you, you can attend special courses.

What is better to wallow?

Individual entrepreneurs are interested in what kind of wool products will be most popular? There is no definite answer here. A couple of years ago, huge demand was for wool beads and various jewelry. However, anyone could make such beads, as This technique is quite simple. As a result, this direction has become unprofitable.

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