Private business opening idea

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The idea to stop working “for an uncle” and start a business is haunting millions of people. However, one desire to be called a businessman is not enough: for a business to be successful, you need to think over a lot of points even at the stage of developing an idea. Finding your niche is sometimes much more difficult than obtaining funds for the implementation of the project. And in order to organize a business in a small city, you need to consider that the specifics of entrepreneurship in small towns and cities is very different. The fact that in the “millionaire” snapped up, will not always be in demand in the district center. The reverse situation is also possible: in provincial towns, many niches are empty not because there is no demand, but simply no one has guessed to occupy them. How to open a business in a small city, and what should be taken into account?

Features of business in small cities

A small town is considered to be a settlement with a population of about 50 thousand people. In the context of business, medium-sized cities with up to 100 thousand inhabitants can also be classified as small, because their specifics are quite far from the situation in megacities.

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