Small Business Home Ideas

Everyone who wants to get rid of the status of an employee and increase income through entrepreneurial activity in the field of small business is asked a number of questions. Where can I find sources of business ideas, what type of activity to choose, what is new in America and Europe, what difficulties can you encounter when implementing foreign innovations in Russia? What is better to buy a franchise or start your own business? In this article, we will give answers to them.

Features of the culture of doing business abroad and in Russia

In European countries, small business is a direct source of economic growth. Starting a business in this segment is facilitated by preferential tax legislation, economic stability, and a high legal culture.

In a unique environment, there is a novice American entrepreneur who receives all-round state support, the main feature of which is a wide range of consultations and free information services.

Things are somewhat different in Russia. Here, the lack of public services will have to be compensated by our own activity. Another problem of Russian small business is the lack of a legal framework.

For reference: the share of small business in the GDP of the EU countries is 70%, the United States – 40%, Russia – 23.6%.

Profitable business areas in Russia (small business segment)




Individual construction and repair work.

Accounting, audit, private advocacy.

Property valuation.

Medicine (ultrasound research, dentistry).

Beauty salons and hairdressers.

Design studios.

Entertainment and catering.

Repair of household appliances.

The release of consumer goods in high demand.

Furniture manufacturing.

Printing of advertising booklets, business cards, posters.

Sewing clothes and textile products for the home.

The sale of any low cost goods.

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