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Many beginning entrepreneurs do not even suspect that in a small city it is much easier to open your own profitable business. To achieve success, you need to start your activity with the search for a suitable idea. What is the most profitable business today in a small town, we will try to understand this article.

Small household services

This is one of the best business ideas with minimal investment in a small town. A small agency for the provision of small household services does not require large financial investments and is characterized by a quick payback.

Such firms provide homework services:

Laundry-Cleaning-Assembling and repairing furniture-Cooking and more.

In order to open such a promising business in 2016, you do not need to rent a room or purchase expensive equipment. At the start, it is enough to purchase the necessary tool, officially register your company and place advertisements to attract customers. A small agency for the provision of domestic services can be opened with a starting capital of 25 thousand rubles. Such a business is a great option for people who are willing to work in order to receive a small stable income.

Dry car wash

Almost all motorists use car wash services. This is the most profitable business today in any city. But in order to open such a business, large investments will be needed to rent boxes and purchase special equipment. Recently, an excellent alternative to such a business has appeared – a dry car wash.

To provide such a service, you will need:

Special Spray-Microfiber Cloth-Car for exit.

All work is performed without the use of special equipment. First, the washer applies a spray to the car to soften the impurities, and then carefully removes them with a napkin. The final stage is polishing the body. The whole process takes no more than 15-30 minutes. As you can see, it is possible to organize a dry car wash as a business from scratch, without significant financial costs. The most important thing is quality service and reasonable prices.

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