What a small business with

Own business is strongly associated with the majority of financial freedom and the ability to manage their time as you like. But in the current conditions of economic instability, owning a business is also perhaps the only way out for those who have lost their jobs.

But no matter what the reasons lead to the decision to open a business, the main thing that a novice entrepreneur needs is money to start, because opening a business without investing a dime in it is a story from the realm of fantasy. At the same time, finding money for starting a business is also a rather complicated matter.

Ruslan Burnashev

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Discipline

In case you are wondering where to get money for your business, there is the abbreviation FFF – friends, fools, family.

Friends and family are a good option. But in case of failure, you should be prepared to explain to them why you cannot return the money and why the idea did not work. Warn them about the risks in advance.

If you want to attract an investor in a project, find out what his expectations are and how much they coincide with yours. Ask how much and when he expects to earn, is he ready to lose the money invested.

Credit is the most dangerous option. You should think in advance what you will do if the business does not take off. Where do you get the money to pay it off? It is very important to soberly assess the situation and understand what exactly the funds will go to and when they can return.

If you understand that none of the above options suits you, you can try to open your own business using your own savings. Of course, their size is often quite small, but you can start your own business, having only 100 thousand rubles for all expenses. You just need to carefully approach the choice of a sphere for business and correctly organize all processes. So what kind of business can you start with 100 thousand rubles?

Beauty is a terrible power

To open a full-fledged beauty salon, you need a fairly large amount of investment. The list of expenses will include the purchase of equipment and supplies, rental of premises and its repair, salaries of craftsmen, administrators and cleaners, as well as advertising.

To start a business in the field of beauty, it is not necessary to open a beauty salon from scratch. You can join an existing business by providing additional services in the field of hardware cosmetology.

A basic set of devices for carrying out the most popular procedures can be purchased for 99 thousand rubles.

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