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A cleaning company is an organization that provides cleaning services for cleaning premises and the surrounding area, including apartments and offices, as well as commercial real estate and shopping centers. Simply put, this business involves high-tech cleaning of various profiles.

These days, you can enter the cleaning market in two ways: open a cleaning company for an individual client (agree with a large shopping center or find a client with premises from 1000 sq. M) and gradually expand from scratch, connecting new customers and the second option is to occupy a separate niche in cleaning, such as cleaning and caring for hard floors.

To maintain cleanliness in large rooms and large areas, it is necessary to hire a staff of cleaners, train them, purchase special equipment and various household chemicals, cope with regular staff turnover and do many other troubles, which is why most organizations are happy to outsource these functions to professionals. If you choose small offices and apartments as a specialization, it’s enough 300,000 rubles to start a business, and to provide services to large entertainment and shopping centers, you need 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 rubles to start. So the question of how to open a cleaning company from scratch in 2015 becomes even more relevant, even in a small city. But if you compare, for example, with how much it costs to open a car service, then the costs are quite large for small businesses.

What you need to open a cleaning company

Office. A small housekeeping company can do without an office. The dispatcher takes orders on the home telephone and sends teams of cleaners on orders, while the equipment is stored in the pantry or garage. Such a scheme will work at first, but if you plan to expand, you need to equip the office.

In your company’s premises, it is advisable to have a director’s office, a manager’s workroom, a warehouse for storage of cleaning equipment and washing equipment, a clothes washing machine and a tumble dryer. To begin with, an area of ​​17-20 square meters is enough.

Documents. In order to open a cleaning company from scratch, it is not required to obtain a license, but it is necessary that the quality of work comply with the standards of normative document R: “Domestic services. Cleaning services for buildings and structures ”, which is recommended to be studied first.

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