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Craft Brewery is a miniature workshop for the production of unfiltered live beer. The main feature is the creation of a unique formulation that would have a bright, memorable taste. Business in this direction should be conducted very carefully and prudently, in order to prevent mistakes.

Despite the fact that craft breweries are not widespread in Russia, the competition in the brewing industry is quite high.

The problem is that most people are afraid to try something new and prefer well-known stamped stamps. The entrepreneur’s task is to study the market, identify what people really like and do even better and better.

The first question that needs to be answered is “For whom will the products be manufactured?” The main source of income are bars, restaurants, cafes and shops and other sales outlets. Try to determine in advance the class of products. The upper class can be sold in elite restaurants at a higher cost, but the demand for it is usually lower. It is distinguished by the addition of exquisite ingredients to the composition, for example, honey, pumpkin, a rare variety of hops or malt. In this connection, the price increases.

The middle class is designed for the average person, this is the option of “price / quality”. The drink should be of high quality and tasty, but the manufacturer no longer uses expensive additives, and the recipe is closer to the classic.

It is not recommended to create cheap products due to low demand. After all, a low rate of demand + low cost = ruin. Business will not pay back the initial investment.

Remember that if the demand for your products at the points of sale is high, then the required volume will increase, and, consequently, the profit will grow. Therefore, the manufacturer must take into account the tastes of regular visitors to bars, restaurants, etc. Usually these are people from 20 to 40 years old with stable earnings, both men and women.

Investment size

This type of business is considered one of the costly, because in addition to the initial costs, a major role is played by constant investments in the business. Let us consider in more detail the main cost items.

Initial investment:

Equipment and installation – 2-7 million rubles (the cost depends on the quality of the devices, as well as on the country that produces the equipment. The cheapest option is China, the most expensive is Germany, Austria) The cost of paperwork is 15-20 thousand rubles-Development advertising concept – 50-100 thousand rubles-Repair work – 500 thousand – 1 million rubles. Freight transport – 1-3 million rubles-

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