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The most time-consuming and cheap way of preserving fruits and vegetables is drying. You can start your business in the production of these food products by buying, for starters, an inexpensive drying cabinet. Implement through cafes, child care facilities, canteens, restaurants, markets.

Even despite the emergence of a huge variety of fast food products, crisps will still be in constant demand. For its production, you need a suitable room, special equipment and raw materials.

Drying mushrooms is the easiest and most affordable way to process them. Dried mushrooms will always be in good demand among the population. If you purchase the appropriate equipment for processing such food products, buy them from the manufacturer, dry them and sell them, you can open your own business and get good income.

Chips are very popular among the population of our country. They became more in demand with the advent of a variety of flavors. For the production of chips, it is necessary to purchase special equipment, raw materials, rent a room, arrange certification, etc.

If you are raising bulls or pigs for meat, the production of canned meat can bring you good additional profit, only you need to purchase special equipment.

Often in settlements there are problems with the sale of milk even at not high prices. You can open your business by processing milk for dairy products, such as cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc. To do this, you need to purchase suitable equipment and open a mini-shop.

Production of condensed milk at home for subsequent sale can be a good profitable business if you purchase special equipment suitable for your capabilities.

In Russia, considerable progress has been made in the development of the latest technology of cheese varieties. The main studies of developers are aimed at developing new types of hard cheeses. After all, cheese is always in demand by the buyer and the tastier and cheaper, the more demand.

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