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In a metropolis (or simply a large millionaire city) it is much easier to find a niche for your own business. More than citizens and legal entities – which means more needs. And what kind of business to do in a small town, because finding a business idea for a small town is much more difficult? For the whole population, usually a couple of hairdressers, several cafes and a single beauty salon. In a small town, ideas are valued higher, and even a small but stable income indicates the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner. We conducted a study to determine the most profitable business today in a small town. We considered the most popular, popular destinations, without taking into account the “exotic” type of breeding ostriches or trade in black caviar.

We publish a kind of rating, which is profitable and promising, based on statistical data and surveys of our users.

Retail, according to most, is the most profitable business in a small village. A good retail store within walking distance is an important indicator of comfort for both citizens and institutions. Of course, the assortment (and for grocery stores also freshness, quality of goods) will provide you with a constant influx of customers. What to do specifically when retailing? What more “lies the soul” and in which you feel a high potential. Products, household chemicals, electronics, furniture – you can open a business in a small town with any everyday goods. Household services to the population take the second place in our rating. This group includes hairdressers, beauty salons, repair and tailoring, key making, photo studios and gyms, solariums and saunas. Ideas for business in a small village are clearly based on demand, so expensive services, such as landscape design or a stylist, are rare. Also, a very profitable business in a small town is related to after-sales service and car repair. Washing, tire fitting, repair, painting, etc. There are many service owners, and the competition is high. This is in demand both in the city and in the countryside, since a car is often a necessary means of transportation and making money, and not a luxury item. A car’s downtime is a loss of money, it cannot last long, and, therefore, there is a fast way to service. In fourth place there are catering establishments. Cafes, bars, pizzerias, coffee houses, snack bars, dumplings and other buffets. The survey shows that in a small town, food service ideas are consistently popular. Citizens also like to sit in a bar or take their child to a cafe / pizzeria, as in large cities. But there is a peculiarity – they practically do not open large restaurants, apparently, it is not possible to recoup such an institution due to not the highest incomes of the local public. Closing the top five is the transportation of population and goods. Numerous taxis, gazelles for cargo transportation, minibuses. Less common is “heavy” equipment, but it is also represented on this market. This is also a profitable business in a small town, because you have to get to the nearest major center. Where are you without apartment repair services ?! Strong demand is fixed on repair crews, installation …

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