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Life in a megalopolis attracts with a dynamic rhythm, many opportunities and an abundance of offers, while life in small provincial towns runs along a knurled path and does not strive to escape beyond it. Here people are not keen on newfangled sports and hobbies, and all the innovations come an order of magnitude later. Small cities have many features, but they are by no means hopeless black holes, as young people are accustomed to consider.

Market nuances in small towns

Graduates of schools in small towns dream of entering universities, because they give the opportunity to escape from a quiet and dull town, in which there is only one restaurant and a disco on Saturdays, and parents can learn about all the adventures in detail – everyone knows each other.

A small territory and a small number of people living leave a certain imprint on economic activity in a small settlement:

• Fashion trends and ultramodern hobbies come here much later. For the entrepreneur, this has its own advantage: when the fashion arrives, the market-watching businessman will be fully equipped and will be at the source of the proposal.

• A low population indicator can also have a very positive effect on business – word of mouth works fine in small cities, attracting customers better than any advertising.

• In a small city, it is easy enough to conduct a market analysis and identify empty niches, guess with the location and direction of the business.

• Incomes of the population are significantly lower than in large cities; there is no tangible barrier between the rich and the poor. In small cities, ingenious and innovative ideas are not required, it is enough to choose a direction that satisfies the majority demand – food and clothing stores, entertainment venues for young people, furniture and construction shops

The small size of the city is hardly worth considering as a disadvantage for small business, it is just a feature that should be considered when choosing a niche and goods. A significant advantage will be the low income level of the population in the town – starting expenses will be an order of magnitude smaller due to cheaper rents and the absence of the need for advertising.

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