developing your business from scratch

An opportunity to start a business without starting investments is to open a Red Cube gift shop in your city. www.

Cities of interest:


We are looking for: * Charming and enterprising * Bright and purposeful * Communicative and initiative

Requirements for candidates: 1. Age from 22 to 36 years-2. Higher education and / or experience and skills to ensure the profit of the store (work with store performance indicators) -3. Experience: – managing a retail store (off-line) from 2 years; – opening a store from scratch -4. Knowledge and skills: – Work with the assortment (analysis of sales, balances, speed and movement of goods) -— Document management and administration (knowledge of 1C-8, product documentation, cash discipline) —— Interaction with government agencies (trade rules, permits) —— Organization of the trading process and operational management of the store (distribution of duties, control of labor discipline, organization of the sales process) –

5. Personal qualities (in addition to those stated above): – Honesty-— Responsibility-— Work on the result-— Stress tolerance-— Active life position.

WITHOUT MONEY FRANCHISING is a new type of cooperation, the essence of which is as follows:

In cities interesting for development and regional coverage, the Red Cube company plans to open its own stores in the chain under the control of a specific manager – partner.

Investments for the opening in full are undertaken by the company “Red Cube”, however, the manager has to complete several tasks: 1. Find the best place to open a gift store in your city-2. Provide store profit in the first year of operation-3. Save and increase the profit of the store so that the investment in its opening will pay off no later than the 3rd year of operation.

When the total profit of the store for several years (from 1 to 3 years) is equal to the amount of investment, the store will be transferred to the franchise management to the current manager, who from the employee will become the owner of the store – a franchise partner of the company.

The company’s interest in this project is to create a community of trusted and motivated partners, in a wider regional coverage and in saving on the management structure.

Interest for future partners is the ability to have their own business without financial investments in its creation and establishment.

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