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In big cities, big money and opportunities are spinning – just take it and do it. Business in a small provincial town is more difficult to put on its feet. But the problem is not so much that residents have little money, but in a slightly different, more subtle specificity.

Why am I adding the provincial epithet? The fact is that small cities are also tourist, resort and satellite cities of megacities. These three types are united by one factor – they have money. This not only increases purchasing power, but also significantly affects the way people think.

The provincial city is on the sidelines – it has its own mentality, its traditions and needs. Moreover, it is in such cities that the majority of the citizens of our country live. Therefore, we will mainly consider promising business ideas for a small provincial town.

These tips will suit both local beginner businessmen and residents of large cities who have decided to try their hand at investing in the province. For example, build a chain of stores targeted at a resident of a small town.

Residents of a provincial city cannot boast of high incomes, but this is not the main reason that not every business survives in it. Many things are not sold here simply because customers do not see the need for them.

And the need for goods arises in two cases: if it is impossible to live without them (food, clothing, housing) and if they are considered an integral part of the image of any normal person. It is not uncommon for a house to have a bathroom, the whole family goes to a wooden toilet and heats water in a bucket, but everyone has smartphones of a fresh model, and the child also has a tablet.

Business in a small town will not take root if it offers goods and services that do not belong to traditionally important ones. In the provinces, you will not find shops with costumes for a Chihuahua or a T-shirt mural. In some cities, there is not even a pizzeria or tattoo parlor – the absence of such establishments seems even somewhat absurd to a resident of a big city.

This is because in a provincial town people are more inclined to obey social principles, experiment less, try not to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to promote an unusual product or service.

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